3DStockPhoto is a niche website focusing on 3D rendering of text, icons, and backgrounds. While microstock photo websites provide a wide range of visual contents, we aim to offer a comprehensive resource for finding conceptual items. For example, we wish to cover all words including proper nouns, as content creators can find a visual (most probably textual) representation of the topic under consideration.

Our collection is specifically divided into various types of text, 3D icons, and 3D backgrounds.

As a small team, we started this project because we needed such materials for our projects. When our collection grew, we decided to share it with a larger audience. As a result, we have a straightforward and user-friendly business model, far from the greedy common practice of the industry.

All contents are sold for $0.99 flat fee. This is the lowest possible price we can offer while keeping the business running.

There is sticky marketing or trick involved. We do not persuade people to buy stuff they do not need by offering bundles or subscriptions. You buy exactly what you need at the lowest possible price, and that's it.

We do not need you to register. Come, buy, and go! To make your purchase safe, we email you the download link.